About Me

It all started ….

in 2015 when I saw there was a lady on Facebook, who was offering a tantalising product to her clients. I loved her ingenious ideas and how she constructed and presented it. She started with website templates using the Divi theme and then she created a challenge and a course and membership platform. I yearned to buy them so that I could build a course/membership myself and run a challenge myself for one of my businesses, but I did not have the funds at that time.

Finally, a time came where I could afford it and I gleefully purchased my No Hassle membership and course platform from the amazing Neta Talmor in November 2017. As a result, I became a member of the No Hassle Support & Mastermind group. I had big plans for creating my course but I was silently stuck on ideas on how to put it together and implement it. As a result, it never came to fruition.  As I had experience using the Divi theme building websites, once I was a member of that group, I saw that people were seriously frustrated with some of the technology and they were often asking in the group how to accomplish certain tasks. I would respond to their posts, sharing my knowledge of Divi with them, helping them solve their frustrating website technology problems.

My super power, which for a long time I did not realise was a super power, is the ability to search for and find the right resources to specific problems. This ability is what helps me to trouble shoot technical challenges and ultimately finding a solution to them. I also shared resources in the group and noticed they were really appreciated as people had not been able to find them themselves.

It wasn’t until Feb 2020 when yet again, another No Hassle client asked me if they could pay me to help them with their website technology problems. I had always turned down those bittersweet requests. It was not my group and it didn’t feel right. That February, I reached out to Neta of No Hassle Websites and asked her if it would be ok if I helped some of her clients as they had entreated. Amazingly, Neta said Yes and the next day she posted a post in the group inviting anyone who was offering services to do so. So I did, and a new aspect of my business was born.

It was at that point that I knew I could help those struggling individuals who really battled with and who were overwhelmed and frustrated by the website technology. They didn’t want to do it all themselves and I could offer them the additional support they needed. I created a subdomain website that I dedicated to helping No Hassle clients, put in a booking system offering free discovery calls and even offered a paid Pick My Brain/Strategy call. Interestingly, over the course of helping those clients, they and their refreshing feedback helped me to refine my message into Stress Free Tech.

My mission is to make website technology stress free. To share my determinedly attained knowledge and all the things I have learned being in business myself and working on website technology to support those clients who need it. I want to empower these entrepreneurs who think they suck at technology to know they can do it, and to provide the assistance, knowledge, support and resources to help them achieve their goals.